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What others are saying about Melinda


Demons and Familiars

-Amazon Review-

"I've followed Melinda for years now and this is another great book of hers! Very informative for anyone wanting to learn about the dark entities that can affect us, and how to protect yourself. It really can happen to anyone.. Well done Melinda!!"


 Blessed Artisan-made magickal candles, protection salts
and more created by Melinda and her Spirit Guides

Learn how to spot and Protect against
evil spirits, toxic energies and Dark Forces!

Mockup paperback Psychic Defense Against Dark Forces 1_edited.png

Lightwarrior News

Outshining Darkness with Truth

Tune in every Friday on Melinda's official YouTube channel, where she uncovers secrets involving the occult, satanism, demonology, angelology, the paranormal, and otherworldly realities in her new series. Far from your typical reaction news, she delivers unapologetic psychic insight into the supernatural and foreboding demonic influence of everyday life.

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