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Mystic Magick

This section is currently under construction.
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Introducing a new section where I (
Melinda) go into spells, curses, rituals, myths, facts, and everything there is to learn and explore about magick. As I'm a firm believer that you never truly stop lear
ning, whenever I learn something new, either through research or through my own experiences, I will continue to update the pages. However, before you explore these exceptional pieces of information, allow me a moment to explain my perception of magick...

First off -I'm not your typical witch. Personally, I identify as a Pagan and slightly align with the Wicca code of ethics, (perform what you wish but harm none) but don't fully align with any structured religion in the craft. Although I will continue to educate myself on the many different aspects, respectfully, if you're looking for that -you won't get that here. Instead, these pages range from my intuitive guidance and from years of experience with my spirit guides that are listed in the Deities section.

After several years into the craft, I've learned how to harness my powers in higher dimensions. Unlike some witches who focus their spells on this realm, I travel to other dimensions and regularly perform my spells with the help of energy guiding me through my enhancements.

What you'll get from this is learn how I do this and hopefully guide you towards learning the same if that's your spiritual journey's goal. It's considered typically controversial, but 
I've been taught by some of the highest Gods and Goddesses how to harness your higher self and the true power that is surging through your very vibrational being. Magick and Godhood aren't meant to only be of the dark side -which is why I've decided to start this. I want to help people learn that mastering your Godhood isn't about working with evil deities but developing supernatural skills in the realms and understanding how to manipulate and move energy toward your desired manifestation.

I'm far from perfect, and through my own trials, tribulations, and hardships, I've understood that learning to be human is the first step towards harnessing your God and Goddes
s energy. Without it, you won't be able to accept the universal and unconditional love that comes with you everywhere you go. By being human, we remember the beauty in humility and learning to let the universe guide us to salvation, new perspectives, healing, love, and everlasting glory.

With that said, you won't see crystal balls, pendulums, Ouija boards, seances, Voudou dolls or even wands. Nope. That's not my style, and it's okay
if it's yours. What you will find are spells geared toward the elements Fire, Air, Earth, Water, and Energy. This is where I begin to lose some people. '-Energy? Melinda, everything is energy.' True! But what many people forget is that without energy, we wouldn't have elements like Fire, Air, Earth, and Water, and with that, you'll be introduced to different types of ways to harness energy through the mind of your higher self.

The point of this is to expand your perspective past the lower-level magick and jump into the realms of higher learning from the Gods. My hope for you is that you'll be able to look beyond the typical magick structures and realize your truest potential has always been inside of you all along. 

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