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  • General Description:

Isis is one of the best-known Egyptian goddesses who is worshipped in the Egyptian pantheon. Isis is the granddaughter of Ra, the wife and sister of the Egyptian god Osiris, and mother of the Egyptian god Horus. While she is best known for her divine feminine energy fueled with loving healing and magickal abilities, she is also known as a great and fierce protector.

She is known to help the dead enter the afterlife, as she had helped Osiris. She was considered the divine mother of the pharaoh, who was likened to Horus. Her maternal aid has invoked healing and protection spells for the ordinary person and continues in modern paganism.

Isis is often confused with Hathor, another goddess depicted in hieroglyphs with a headdress of a sun disk between the horns of a cow.  However, in earlier times, she was portrayed as a human woman wearing a throne-like headdress upon her head in ancient hieroglyphs. Her hieroglyph and now considered her modern sigil is commonly depicted and identified as the Tyet symbol, also known as the 'Knot of Isis'  as shown below.


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  • My Supernatural Understanding & Experience:

There are many general descriptions and traditional views of the Goddess Isis, but I will share what I've learned from her and what you can expect if you choose to work with her.

How She Appears:
Isis, unfortunately, is often overlooked as a Divine Feminine goddess but is no less powerful and highly beneficial for one's desired personal ascension. If you constantly hear her name, see others mention her, happen to be drawn to her and see images and other things that remind you of her, this is her way of calling to you. She doesn't push herself on others and encourages you to seek divine intervention in a way that feels comfortable to you intuitively. Her truest form when Lady Isis appears will be a woman draped in gold with bedazzled gems and crystals, unlike earth, and carries a seemingly otherworldly quality of a divine Goddess. Each time I'm graced to meet with Isis, her appearance doesn't disappoint and, in fact, leaves me speechless every time, for her divine beauty is unlike most, both internally and externally. Isis beholds a luscious gold crisp skin with deep dark brown hair that falls over each breast. As you approach her, her appearance will resemble a Queen of the highest nobility, and she will extend her love through a simple glance from her smiling golden eyes. Her immediate mannerisms are gentle when she speaks yet strong, like the wind of a desert storm. If you're lucky, you'll be blessed to witness her in her truest and highest form, where she glistens like the golden sun during a romantic sunset. 

How She Interacts:
When meeting Isis, you'll learn rather quickly that her approach to you will be unique to your personality. She prides herself on maintaining a focus on what you need and desire within your heart. She doesn't take words lightly, nor will she overlook your actions, but will instead take heed and guide you towards further personal achievement as she evaluates your strengths and weaknesses. Her smile will immediately eliminate any self-doubt, fear, and intimidation, as her most powerful gift is love and helping those accept the love within themselves. Isis will speak to you softly like a mother to her child and will guide and protect you through her words and actions. When you see her either in dreams, astral projection, during meditation or when you're suddenly seeing her in your home, she will assist you in knowing it's her by feeling an overwhelming sense of inner calming energy that will soothe your body. You will often hear of certain deities being "intimidating and scary" -you won't ever feel this with Queen Isis, as her energy is primarily based on healing and protection, and she never wishes to make anyone feel inferior. 

How She Works:
Goddess Isis works in numerous ways as she's the type of deity that focuses on what you desire and allows you the freedom to be comfortable with your own style. For example, when I work with a deity, I don't look to them as teachers (even though they teach me a lot), but rather as a distant family, I look to for love, healing, protection, guidance, and wisdom. What's unique about Lady Isis, is that she works in a way that helps meet your level of understanding at your own pace. Her supreme wisdom will not only guide you to your best version of yourself but will do so in a way that makes you feel as if you're doing it independently without pressure, judgment, or insecurities. My favorite way she works is by asking you questions and helping you learn more about yourself without knowing you're on the road to healing until you realize that's what you were doing the whole time. Isis has an impressive tolerance for rudeness and will teach you through her behavior how to handle those you dislike. The more you're around her harmonious presence, the more you'll understand what it means to be a divine feminine and how to also treat a divine feminine with respect and humility. She understands we struggle and have our own experiences, and even if you are upset -she doesn't react and allows you to express yourself as she wants you to feel freedom within yourself and will lovingly guide you towards a deeper sense of understanding in areas of distress. 

Her Abilities:
Her approach to working with you is gentle and loving, but don't underestimate her, for she's a fierce sorceress willing to go above and beyond to protect those she loves. She can teach you the ways of energy and how to harness your power through self-belief. What I learned from her through personal experience is she doesn't approve of sending curses as this creates a negative vibrational energy into yourself. Some may find this 'controversial' but this is what I've been personally advised by Isis herself and the more you work with her, the more you will learn this to be true to the vibrations. 

She's not only gifted in magick but has a tremendous skill in otherworldly combat. Her power exceeds any and all expectations, and her talents will amaze you. Isis is known in hieroglyphs as a divine protector against evil, and a guide for the deceased to the afterlife, and I can vouch from experience that this is true. Her abilities far surpass the average, and you will know this the moment you meet her, but you'll also learn she's humble and doesn't like to brag. In fact, she will only put her wonder on display if it's absolutely necessary for the sake and protection of others. Although her abilities are indeed incredible, my personal opinion is that her finest ability is having a heart of gold because the more you're around her, the more she will make others feel this about themselves. 

What I Experienced With Her:
Whenever I think about Isis, my throat begins to build up in emotion as she's done more for me than I can ever truly explain. Her heart is beyond words as she's been more than a Goddess; she's been like a divine mother. Of course, I know she's not; it's her demeanor and the way she puts you under her wing of protection with a loving embrace that exudes healing. I have a firm stance against worshipping a god or goddess as I feel this is not what they want; instead, they desire for us to grow into our own version of the god we will someday become. But if there was a goddess to worship, it would be Isis without question.

It was Isis who helped me heal and continue to heal after my time in Hell. For those who don't know, I was in Hell for over 1800 years due to my own indulgence fueled by ignorance and curiosity. After my rescue from angels, including Archangel Michael, I struggled for years on how to heal and move forward. I was facing thoughts of suicide and alcohol abuse and made to believe my life had no meaning. But one day, I was drawn to the Egyptian God Horus and felt a desire to learn ways of protecting others in otherworldly combat, including the astral realm. I encountered Horus, and eventually he slowly introduced me to Lady Isis. At that moment, I wasn't aware of it at the time, but slowly I spent more one-on-one time with Isis in other realms (dimensions) and that's where my healing began. 

It was during a time where She and Horus joined in taking me to a desert cave with what appeared to be black crystals along the walls. Isis took my hand, and Horus waited outside. When I walked into this darkened cave, Isis held my hand and took me to where I was able to become slowly healed by the powers of the supernatural crystals. They began to sing and chime along the rhythm of my heart and of my thoughts. It was at this moment that Isis gently held my hands and allowed me the blessing to learn more about myself soulfully and why I came to earth. Here, she confessed information that I'm normally not permitted to learn, but she felt due to my circumstance that, this information would help me move forward.

And it was here she said the most simple yet ever-changing question, "Why do you doubt yourself and your experience of Hell?" While standing in this crystal cave, I couldn't help but feel this overwhelming sense of energy surge within my aura and soul. Each second, my emotions began to build and purge without my control. Oddly I wasn't fearful nor did I have a sense of embarrassment but felt like this was a safe space meant to let go and to release what was long festered. After a few moments, I responded, "..Because everyone who doubts me says it's all made up from my subconscious. I know we can create our Hell from fear, but now I'm not so sure if I created it or not." It was at this very moment that her question diminished all of the doubt as she said softly,... "Yes, we can create our own version of a Hell within our minds, but let me ask you this one question,.... -were you ever able to change the environment or stop what was happening in this realm at any moment?..." As I processed her question, it suddenly became overwhelmingly clear as a swell of tears overtook my cheeks as I answered,... "No! Never, not once. No matter what I did, whether it was meditating or thinking positive thoughts, nothing, and I mean NOTHING, could change what was happening to me or around me." She embraced me but not just with her hug but I could begin to feel power overtake me that began to heal my being. And it was here that I realized my Hell experience was real. Isis cleared all doubt of Hell and soon reassured further, ..."Those that doubt your experience are not yet ready to accept the harsh realities of the dimensions in the beyond. There are all kinds of horrifying realms, and you were taken to just one of them, but you're not alone; there are so many others like you, but what you experienced, you've also survived, and that's why you're needed. People who also survive need others like you to share how to heal and to feel unalone in their journey. Your purpose is more than war, it's also healing and enlightening others past the fear of the truth. Hell created from one's subconscious can still be altered by one's thoughts, but you were unable to do that, that's why what you experienced was real. You were saved by Michael and were taken through a portal. These realms are vast in horror and gruesome chaos; your rescue is a testimony to that reality. Those that doubt are afraid to accept the truth as there are places far worse than Hell, but what they deny is a reflection of themselves. Don't allow others' hate and doubt to make you doubt yourself."

Granted, I'm paraphrasing what Isis had said, but it's no less true. It's because of Isis and this healing cave that I began to remember my higher self and why I came to Earth. It's because of her love and healing that I know, without a doubt, I survived one of the worst places in existence. But I'm not the only one. There are thousands of people, if not millions, surviving the same fate, and it's the love and guidance that will help those find the light and the power to overcome the same hate, pain, and chaos. I'm a fighter and was divinely granted the gifts I have to use for the benefit of others on their journey. As we are all given special talents and abilities, it was Isis who helped me remember mine, and I'm forever grateful for her gracious love, compassion, and wisdom.  

What To Expect:
Expect nothing less than spectacular with Isis. She will make you laugh, cry, and discover your inner warrior. Her heart is beyond words and will reflect that within you and of your value in this world. Whenever you're struggling with self-doubt or looking to ascend as divine feminine, expect her guidance and cosmic wisdom to explore the depths of your higher self. I've not only learned more about myself as a woman but as a person and an enlightened person having a human experience. She will grant you the glory of everlasting inner peace within yourself while also facing the dark aspects through shadow work. Isis looks to empower both the divine feminine and masculine but will ultimately challenge your capabilities and belief in yourself.  

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