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The Spirit Realm is not just with positive entities and positive vibrations -there are entities of a dark nature. These DO exist and are VERY real. It is important to understand that these spirits don't care if you are 'saved' as A Christian or are an atheist, they are attracted to any human soul regardless of chosen faith. No person is deserving of these experiences and are not encountered with these horrid beings due to 'sin' or 'ego' but by the simple attraction they have towards us to bring about unfortunate and unhappy experiences. They're NOT to be trusted.



For the infinite potential they hold due to their abilities is incomprehensible to humanity. They come in all shapes and sizes are and are not to be closed to one way for they have limitless personality types. There are some that cause havoc, some that haunt your dreams, some that are physically damaging to property and even some that are sexual in nature that are based on control and power over the victim. This is NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED. To comprehend this infliction on the human victims is disturbing.



These enities can appear to us in many ways but most often it is commonly reported to be very specific ways due to the mockery of the trinity -where most often things are repeated in 3's. This is exceptionally crucial to remember for this is one of their most often approaches to humanity. The Demon's ultimate goal is to bring Hell at your doorstep! There are so many ways they will appear to humans but most often its through dreams, apparitions, dark cloudy mist, dark tall figure, or in dreams with scary images that frighten the person they are targeting. Demonic spirits will try to trick people by appearing to them as a light being or as a Jesus figure. At times they prefer to appear so frightening for they receive much pleasure from human fear. 



Despite many different perspectives and descriptions of Demons -they are many things. In the Holy Bible it describes how Demons are Fallen Angels -from years of experience I can validate this is true. However, there are also Demons that were never Angels nor humans. These beings have been around before religion was ever created. It's very important that you don't isolate Demons to one dogmatic view for there are MANY TYPES in the course of the Universe.



Flatly their purpose is to bring their target down to a place that is dark to a point where the victim gives in with their free will. The free will is exceptionally powerful on the human soul and the creature can only take possession of the human by the person's free will. Whether if its by pretending to be a friendly face or by physical, emotional or Astral torture to get the victim to give in.



Yes and no. It was the soul's personal decision to reside on the opposite side of love energy. They can become light beings but this would be their own choice and is always an option for them. However, most are swallowed by darkness from such a hatred, jealousy, misery, fear, control etc.



There are many ways where a person can come face to face with these dark souls. To keep noted: these types of negative energies depending on their levels of power most often require the human to invite them into their life by the human's free will. Whether it was intentional or not, they are invited into the victims life in countless ways. These things are so manipulating that they usually are able to get away with invading the human(s) life for months to even years before the human(s) figure it out. The possibilities are so vast that I know I won't be able to list every possible way but below are short examples.


  • Using a Ouija Board (Spirit Board)

  • Use of Magic that involves Invoking or Evoking dark entities

  • Moving into a house that already had the entity present

  • Seeking these dark energies out purposely for reasons of the individual

  • Fearing these entities so much that you literally attract them too you due to the power of the Law of Attraction.

  • Satanism, Demonolatry, Black Magic, Luciferianism

  • Curses

  • Paranormal Investigations




There are FOUR DEMONIC STAGES that help to identify a Demonic presence and are to be understood as universal regardless of spiritual beliefs and or religion or lack thereof. As widely known by the late world renowned Ed and Lorraine Warren to properly identify three stages -I've discovered there is actually a "silent but deadly" stage (Influence) that happens just before Possession.


This is where the demon chooses their victim by depicting their fears and lack of control of their free will. This is also where they are somehow 'invited' into the life of the person(s) involved whether intentionally or not. 


This is where the entity then gives the whispers and signs of a demonic presence. They will 'corner' the targeted human by making them feel isolated and alone. The signs can be incredibly obvious however there are many people in the world that still don't know with awareness of how to 'tell' for sure. This is where you need to have your 'radar' on at all times when you start 'feeling' as if something is around you. The list of signs is so extended but from the minor of signs is terrible nightmares. And these nightmares are primarily consisting of murder, war, rape, torture, and really anything that causes the victim to wake up in an utter cry from the fear. Another sign is when you discover things start going 'missing' and more often than one would normally anticipate. Reason why this happens is due to them manipulating the physical objects and causing them to dematerialize and materialize somewhere else. It is common for people to find they wake up at 3:00am especially after their nightmares. This is something to pay close attention to due to the mockery of the holy trinity (Father, Son & The Holy Spirit). The Demonic presence is most commonly reported to bring about a rotten oder like rotten eggs, or the smell of rotting flesh. This smell will be too obvious to the nose that when the individual smells this and can't find the solution as to why or where this is coming from -it's a sign to remember. It is increasingly happening where the victims that are being targeted will hear bangs, taps, or have scratches on their body in 3's. This is a very loud sign -so remember this. There are creatures that like to touch the victim and make them feel uncomfortable. Some will cross the line and watch the victim while taking showers and undressing and the victim will feel this in a sense that causes them to not be able to shake off this discomfort. To enhance this infliction they will go as far as breaking objects, to frighten the person. They have the power to grab humans and push them down stairs, throw them across the room, pull them out of their bed and even as far as rape them in their sleep or when awake.


Their goal is to cause the person's will to break and when this happens, they win -which is why it's dire you NEVER give in. These examples are not limited, it's to be understood they are capable of nearly countless acts. They primarily will have one target to possess most often but will still cause HELL to the others that live in the same home.


This is a stage that is most commonly missed by nearly all Paranormal experts due to it being the more silent but deadly addition of the Demonic trail. Demons will begin to influence the person(s) to behave differently from how they typically are. This behavior will be completely out of character and may be subject to violent acts, verbal encounters and even hygiene. The person that is being oppressed by the Demon will not typically recognize this on their own, but may begin to say things like, "I don't know why I just did that" or, "I don't know why I said or acted like that". -This stage requires a few eye witnesses to recount the moments of this outward behavior that doesn't seem to match the person(s) authentic personality. The Influence of Demonic spirits is STRONG. It will make the person want to do, act or say things they never would normally do or dare to imagine. This stage is paramount to discover in fair time for this is where the Demon is testing the human's ability to withstand self-control and paranormal peer pressure. The purpose of Influence from a Demonic spirit is to prepare for the final stage!!


The final stage where the entity then takes control of the soul of the human target. This is incredibly complex and is carefully to be analyzed by professionals to know in absolution if there is a possession taking place. Most often this occurs after the human soul gives in with their own free will due to no longer wanting to fight off the entity. This point is DIRE for we're fighting for the victim's soul and MUST be handled by professionals. Don't try to be the hero if you have even the slightest fear of your faith in saving someone for the risk is too great.

 Some signs to tell if a person is dealing with being possessed would be a few examples but are not to be limited to only these actions and behavior:

  • Their behavior changes drastically to sudden rage outbursts to where you KNOW it's not the person's normal behavior or attitude towards others

  • Their eyes become black to the point where you feel like you aren't looking into the eyes of your loved one anymore

  • They start sleep walking for hours each night at certain times when you know they don't normally do this

  • Their voice tends to change to someone or something different

  • Their face morphs when they become angry in their outbursts to the point where you are questioning if you just 'saw that'

  • The possessed person starts to smell like rotting flesh, eggs or sulfur to the point where you cannot deny it

  • They start to show apathy for life of other living beings

  • The possessed will have a cringe of hatred towards those of faith like priests, nuns, pastors, churches, holy emblems such as crosses and holy figurines of positively vibrational faiths

  • They begin to show highly advanced Psychic abilities or 'knowing' of things that they never could've known

  • Suddenly start to speak in tongues (different languages) that are not recognizable 

  • The possessed will do violent acts and become so vile that it will require large amounts of courage to withstand this person. But then after all is said and done -the possessed person my state they don't remember anything they did or said.






 The range of who and why is varied but it's understood they target those that are the most vulnerable. This would include children for their pure heart is something they know is more easily manipulating than that of adults. But adults that are easily feeling victimized can become targets. 



There are numerous ways in getting rid of Demonic Spirits but depending on the human soul's will and tolerance it may take longer than one may anticipate. Also depends on the entity's stamina and power for some are highly intelligent and universally beyond powerful and can do things to the human that most could EVER imagine.




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