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Descended Master Devils

 Descended Master Devils are some of the most DANGEROUS souls that reside in the dark side of 'being' by the free will's choice of the being. No soul is forced nor is damned to being this way. Which would include Demons and Devils.


There are in fact many types of Devils that are so malicious they will do ANYTHING to steal human souls.

 To understand more about how this happens, please go to 'Demons' Page to learn more. It will teach you the signs of the Four Demonic Stages and how to detect if you're in their line of prey. 

 They both reside on the same frequency and too have the same qualities in how to detect their presence. However the fine line between Demons and Devils is Hierarchy. Devils are the DESCENDED MASTERS of the realms that is opposite of love energy. They are takers, master manipulators and are the controllers of Demons. Demons do what the Devils tell them to do due to having more power and abilities that even Demons fear -but also admire while striving to become as evil as their malevolent masters. 

 Devils range from the same evil agenda as Demons however the difference is their presence is PAINFULLY POWERFUL. The feeling of a Devil in your presence will bring far greater panic and fear than a Demon ever could. They rein in the underworld and hold no regret nor empathy for anyone or anything. They even take advantage of other Devils and Demons from sincere apathy. The power of a Devil surpasses any other kind of evil in all of the Universe -at least as far as us humans know.





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