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Lightwarrior News

Welcome to the home of Lightwarrior News, hosted and created by Melinda Kay Lyons "Melinda the Mystic Witch". 
Shining light on uncensored spiritual facts spoken from experience and divine intuitive messages.

Signs A Demon Is Possessing You

Learn about the signs of Possession and how it actually happens versus what you see in Hollywood. Understand the warning signs, how you can prevent it, and what to do if it happens to you.


Satanic Agenda Of "Transphobia"

Melinda reveals her psychic insight into the sudden Transgender push on society and the dark agenda from people in power. "-They aren't doing this because they care, they're doing this to stop humanity from expanding and to dehumanize humanity as a whole. Hitler brainwashed people to think it was okay to kill Jews and innocent people that didn't believe in his vision -now, they're convincing people to mutilate themselves!.."

Man Torches Satanic Temple! Thumbnail .jpeg

Man Torches Satanic Temple!

Melinda reacts to hateful issues that impact the Satanic community.

Balenciaga's Satanic Caution Tape Explained

 Melinda uncovers and reveals the hidden satanic meaning behind Balenciaga's caution tape and it's connection to the devil Bael. 

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