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The world and the internet have entirely gone nuts. It's been a long fight against big social media like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and other platforms that continue to censor facts and spiritual truths for far too long, and I'm frankly sick of it!

I've decided to start my official channel called Lightwarrior News. You can get a Lightwarrior's view into the dangers of satanism in daily life. Here I unapologetically explore the realms of spiritualism and realities and debunk the satanic deceptions. Take in the raw and real insight you won't believe and bonus videos on spells, psychic protection, and more. I will not continue to be shut down just because someone has a problem with my freedom of speech. I live in America, dammit! And saying what I know to be true that's based on facts and spiritual experiences is not hate speech -Its called the TRUTH. If you're as fed up as I am, and want completely raw content based on spiritual facts, then subscribe today!

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All content in Lightwarrior News is created by Melinda Kay Lyons. Descrimination, hate, or racism is not tolerated. You must be 18 years of age to susbscribe.

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