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Melinda Kay Lyons wasn't always a Psychic Medium, nor was she inclined to become a Demonologist. However, at eighteen, she underwent a near-death experience that opened her third eye, which sparked her psychic and medium abilities. Though she spreads love and positivity in her pursuit of sharing knowledge of the other side, destiny had another plan in mind. Once she took her abilities to a professional level, that's when she couldn't help but notice an increase in her client's supernatural disturbances from malevolent spirits and just how common it actually is. In Demon Dealer, Lyons gives you an in-depth look at what it's like getting up close and personal with departed human souls, familiar spirits, and deep into the gruesome Demon and Devil experience. Exploring mild paranormal occurrences like doors opening, full-body apparitions, unexplained bangs, scratching noises, nightmares but quickly evolving into a more sinister journey.

This book features ten chapters with an introduction bringing you along a woman's journey that changed her life forever.

  • Introduction
  • Awakening to Death
  • Eleven Years Later
  • Haunted Invitations
  • Hellish Relations
  • Paranormal Advisory
  • Based on a True Story
  • Devilish Encounters
  • The Oath

If you're drawn to the world of demonology and have psychic abilities, you'll not only gain knowledge of the other realms but of yourself. Each chapter is intended to educate and highlight the risks, spiritual encounters, and endless types of astral experiences. You'll realize you're not crazy, only awakened and willing to harness your God Particle and use it to protect humanity and those in the light of love.

Demon Dealer Autographed Paperback (LIMITED EDITION)

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