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Banishing evil isn't always the easiest battle; it can be brutal, especially if you feel the odds are against you unfairly. This is a special candle spell I created for myself a few years ago when I needed to be rid of certain people and situations, and still, to this day, it has worked wonders. When using this spell, be prepared for it to work in mysterious ways in your favor.


I created Evil Eviction with the intention of saying good riddance to the negative person, spirit, or unwanted hell you've been enduring and want gone. Evil comes in all shapes and sizes, and it's up to us to ensure our home is safe and secure from harmful energies and those with toxic habits or intentions. Evil Eviction has been carefully created with ingredients used in numerous backgrounds of witchcraft, including ancient Egypt, Houdou, and a mixture of even Christian concepts. All faiths carry powerful energies that can be used together to create an even more enriching energy source. Ingredients like Dragon's Blood, Palo Santo, Frankincense, and Myrrh, Black Pepper, Sage, and other herbs combined help to shield against malevolence and banish evil. 


What Evil Eviction Does:

  • Helps banish evil spirits, including earth-bound spirits, demons, familiar spirits, spider spirits, and more.
  • Sets a powerful barrier of protection within the home or location and signals to Angels, Starseeds, and benevolent Deities, including Gods and Goddesses, that you seek immediate protection. 
  • Enforces protection against possession and works well in helping during an exorcism. 
  • Banishes and helps reinforce protection against evil spirits and intended people while it pushes away unwanted situations. 
  • Banishes evil forces of energy, including bad luck, hexes, jinxes, and curses.



How to use the Evil Eviction Candle:

I know most people will tell you that the best way to banish something is with a lot of anger charged toward the person, spirit, or situation -which, in some sense, is true.


However, in my work and learning the power of energy that surges through our being with the help of deities like Lord Shiva, Horus, Isis, Archangel Michael, and others -the most important energy I've understood and respected is love is your most powerful force when it comes to a pure and true banishment. Love is what you need to perform this spell in order to make it known to the universe that your love is why you need this protection. Love is why you're performing a banishment in the first place -to protect yourself and those you love. 


As the old saying goes, you cannot be a lover and not also a fighter because if you don't have anything to love, then what is there to fight for?


When you've come to terms with your purpose in using Evil Eviction, it's best to use this candle during a Full Moon to banish negative emotions, people, energies, and unwanted circumstances. Light the candle in a dark place on your altar with a petition paper written of what you wish to banish. Write the petition as a request but also in the present tense that it has already happened. While writing the petition, feel the powerful emotions of why you want this done and release the emotions freely. If you shed tears, allow those tears to fall; if you have anger, allow that anger to build and imagine that your emotions are fueling the candle's spell and signaling to the universe your personal needs. It is also crucial to write down the full name of the person(s), spirit(s), or situation you want banished. 


Once you've completed your petition, begin reading it aloud in a soft yet stern voice that you mean business and want this evil gone forever. When you're reading your petition, you may begin to get dizzy, but this is normal as your spell is activating and the universe has heard your call. You may call on a trusted deity who will work with you when performing the spell to help if needed. While reading your petition, imagining the magick working in your favor with ease without worry or struggle is important. If you're trying to banish someone, imagine the person is always blocked with obstacles no matter how often they attempt to contact or see you. When this is visualized, feel knowing they cannot hurt you and your loved ones anymore with trust the universe will protect you.


Having faith that this will happen and has happened is equally important. If you struggle with doubts when performing this spell, call on a trusted benevolent deity to help erase your self-doubts and worries before beginning the cast.


When you're finished reading your petition aloud in a soft yet stern and assertive voice, the last and final important step is to burn the petition in a safe burning dish, cauldron, or fireplace. I recommend this step because the fire activates the spell to shift in full throttle and signifies that you intend to make whatever or whoever is making your life hell be banished.


If you feel you need to perform this spell more than once, then keep the petition with your Evil Eviction candle on your altar and then burn it on the last day of your spell casting. 



Candle jar: Glass

Candle wax amount: 8 oz


Made with 100% soy wax with essential oils and herbs. 8 oz cotton wick with 35-40 hours burn time.

Evil Eviction

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