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Whenever I think of success and glory, ancient Egypt always comes to mind. With this peak of inspiration, I created a new candle geared towards aligning you not only to shoot to your target but also to score. Each ingredient, including herbs and oils, is added from knowledge and divine wisdom by the instruction from the Egyptian god Thoth. 


Made with Egyptian Amber, Roses, and other herbs and oils. 


What Golden Success Does:

  • Builds and attracts positive vibrations, including interactions with others.
  • Sets in motion the thing(s) you want to succeed in, whatever it is.
  • Great candle to use as a booster for other spells you wish to see manifest.
  • Enhances one's chances of success in money, abundance, career, relationships, education, opportunities, and other deeply desired goals.


How to use the Good Fortune Candle:

It's best to use it during a New Moon when you want to increase your chances of succeeding in personal goals, desires, and one's dreams to manifest. 


When lighting the candle on top of a safe burning dish, take a piece of paper and write down what you want. The universe doesn't need to know too much information when you're looking to attract something desired. As you do this, it's best to write it as if you've already acquired it, and the feeling associated with having it helps. These emotions help to build the vibrations to build your spell. The stronger the emotions, the more powerful it will be. This will also be a good time to write down "Thoth" on your petition paper with a lovely thank you for his magnificent boost in support. If you don't work with Thoth, you can write down any other deity you choose. 


After writing your petition paper, take the paper and fold it towards you in half. Then turn the paper to the right and fold it towards you a second time -then do this a third time. The turning of the petition aligns the magick in motion and your desired item(s) to move toward you effortlessly. 


Once this is complete, and you feel you added all of your additional sigils, dollar signs, dates, names, etc. (whatever you feel you needed to add), then place the petition paper under the safe burning dish of the Golden Success candle and meditate on the feeling of receiving what it is you requested in good faith. 



Candle jar: Glass

Candle wax amount: 8 oz


Made with 100% soy wax with essential oils and herbs. 8 oz cotton wick with 35-40 hours burn time.

Golden Success

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  • All Mystic Products are for entertainment and spiritual purposes only. Product appearance may be different from the display picture. There are NO guarantees nor said 'promises' the product will bring one's expectations to manifestation. The candles and other Ascended Candles products are not meant to replace professional medical advice/ treatment or other means of wellness. 

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