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Break down blockages and unfair situations preventing you from living your fullest potential and happiest life experiences with Road Opener conjuring oil. This oil is created to give you a chance at situations and experiences that otherwise may have passed you by or were blocked by jealousy of others or those looking to steal your path to destiny. This is especially helpful when needing to be seen, not just heard, and recognized for your hard work and skills. Road Opener allows the light to shine the way and stop others and situations from blocking your goals and path. 


What Road Opener Conjuring Oil Does:

  • Paves the way for abundance and auspicious opportunities.
  • Breaks down blockages preventing you from success, happiness, and positive experiences.
  • Enhances one's mind to new perspectives in creativity, career, hobbies, situations, and self.
  • Attracts positive, like-minded people and favorable circumstances in career, business, finances, personal life, and romance offers.


How to use Road Opener Conjuring Oil:

Let's be real; there are some messed up people who will stop at nothing to prevent you from living your best life, while for some, no matter what you do, you never seem to get a break. Road Opener will help open doors that shut in your face before you could even step a toe into the entry. Instead, Road Opener not only opens doors, but clears a path for you to succeed in your goals, intentions, and future legacy. You can use Road Opener in many ways, especially when you're looking to see your goals and desires to fruition. Dab a few drops of oil under the heels of your shoes before a job interview, when seeking a promotion, when going to apply for an application for an apartment, and more. This oil can also be used to anoint candles during Road Opening spells and uncrossing spells to break away curses, hexes, jinxes, and unfair situations enforced upon you. Road Opener is designed to not just open doors and clear paths but make a powerful statement to others that you mean business!


*It is important to wash off immediately after skin contact with the oil. Skin may not respond safely to the essential oil ingredients due to allergies or sensitivities. 


Jar Amount: 1 oz

Road Opener

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  • All Mystic Products are for entertainment and spiritual purposes only. Product appearance may be different from the display picture. There are NO guarantees nor said 'promises' the product will bring one's expectations to manifestation. The candles and other Ascended Candles products are not meant to replace professional medical advice/ treatment or other means of wellness. 

  • Pure Apple, White Sage, and Lavender essential oils with Thyme, basil, Jasmine, and other herbs.

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