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Ever needed or wanted something but there was no specific candle for it? Ever wondered why it's been a custom for centuries to make a wish on your birthday candles?


This candle is especially unique as it's crafted to bring even the most seemingly impossible to fruition. Granted, this isn't to help you win the lottery, (we gotta be realistic to some degree even in magick) however, this is meant to assist in giving you that push towards gaining the lifestyle you dream of living, getting that car you have been wanting, or to have that one-on-one opportunity to talk to that special someone you've been having your eye on. Wishcraft is specially designed to help manifest something or someone very specific that perhaps is tougher to acquire and needs the simple yet powerful push through a wish. Made with powerful ingredients like Black Violet and Saffron, Ginger, Maple, and Cinnamon essential oils with dried herbs like Roses and Basil, this candle magick is surely set to make way for dreams to come true.


I always believed magick has always started with a wish. When we wish for something whether it's a person, place, or thing, or even an experience, that comes from the innate part of us through the will of desire. Desire has been sorely misunderstood as a bad or negative energy -yet I argue otherwise. As long as that desire comes from a place of honesty, humility, and love, then this is not only a positive surge but is another part of your higher self guiding you to receive that in good conscience. Wishcraft will help you not only receive what it is you truly desire but will guide your heart towards making decisions to gently direct you in achieving it when the moment comes. 


What Wishcraft does:

  • Helps manifest and conjure something specific whether it's an experience, an item, a person, an encounter or to accomplish a specific need or desire that is complex to obtain.
  • Wishcraft is considered a dream maker/ wish granter and gives way to miracles and opportunities that may seem either impossible or seemingly complicated.
  • Wishcraft is not designed to force people to do your bidding or to "change" to your liking -instead, this spell is crafted to help orchestrate the "impossible" to your benefit without you having to "do" anything.
  • Whenever you're in a bind and need help, or feel like there are obstacles in achieving your goals, this spell is good in giving a boost in support from the universe. 
  • This versatile candle works well in love, money, receiving items, having certain experiences, help in acquiring specific knowledge, healing, and more to your heart's wishes. 


How to use the Wishcraft Candle:

The best way to use Wishcraft is to have the wish not only within your mind but deep within your heart. This candle was designed after I myself had a dream but felt like it was truly impossible. After years of personal practice in magick and learning where true magick births, I learned that the best way to achieve the best results is when your heart is ready to receive. When you have no doubts and know this is what you want (whatever it is) then now is the best time to use Wishcraft.


You can use Wishcraft according to the moon's phases if you feel pulled to do so, but this candle's manifestation abilities don't require that (but even a little help from the moon doesn't hurt either!). 


When using Wishcraft, write on a petition paper what it is you wish to manifest. When writing this down, write it down as if you're already received this wish and that it was already granted. Imagine the feelings of how good it feels to receive this blessing and do so with faith that it is done. If you feel you need to write down a full page of details, go for it. It doesn't matter necessarily how much you write, but how that petition makes you FEEL. Feeling in this spell is especially important in order to receive in good faith that it has worked. 


When you've completed writing down your petition paper, then fold the paper toward you one time, and then place it safely under your Wishcraft candle that is burning on a safe burning dish or candle stand. 


As the candle is burning, in a quiet soft lit room, without disturbance, imagine receiving what it is you wish for and how good it feels to have that special experience, item, or person. This is a very important step that mustn't be overlooked. This is where you're giving the spell your special touch to how you want to feel from the spell's manifestation. 


When you feel you've meditated and envisioned what you wish to have, allow the candle to continue to burn for at lease 3 hours before snuffing out the candle safely. And when you do, say the words, "My wish is granted, My wish came true, Blessed be thanks to you." (this is you thanking the universe for your spell to be granted).


Candle jar: Glass

Candle wax amount: 8 oz


Made with 100% soy wax with essential oils and herbs. 8 oz cotton wick with 35-40 hours burn time.


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