Last Frontier Medium, Melinda Kay Lyons
Melinda Kay Lyons

MELINDA KAY LYONS has been featured in The Haunting of Shane Dawson  3-part paranormal series with over 12 million views by the famous Shane Dawson and YouTuber with over 20 million loyal fans. (2021)


Melinda has been a guest on iHEART RADIO with Wisdom & Wonder with Jessica Costello & ParaliCIOUS DISH HOUR with Shaunie Deidre Perez. (2014). Recent guest appearances with Jim Harold "The Paranormal Podcast Guy" (2018), and with The NewFoundLand Paranormal Podcast (2018).





 In her line of work, Melinda ranges from healing others by giving them messages from their departed loved ones, guiding others to further enlightenment, or teaching the ways in cleansing and being rid of unfriendly entities. Though Melinda helps in numerous areas based on the spirit, her ultimate focus is helping those suffering from severe paranormal hauntings. As it's customary for experts to keep track of the number of those they assist, it's not in her nature to think of others like a number but as a person dealing with their own experiences. This is why you'll never hear Lyons give you an exact number of clients helped. As one of her guides once told her, "It's not about the number of clients you have, it's about the quality you've given and the amount of time you spent in their healing."  Based on the classic saying, 'quality over quantity is her style.

 What brought Ms. Lyons to her line of work was something like a movie for she underwent a near-death experience at the age of 18 which led her to learn and experience the other side. Coming face to face with some of the most beautiful departed human souls, to Angels and even Jesus Christ. Being she was once a devout Christian, her experience most would assume was religious but in fact, it was this moment where Jesus told her that the Bible only holds so much truth and wasn't all correct. Here she underwent a harsh transition from the reality she once knew, then suddenly opening her third eye that allowed her to not only see the positive spirits but also the most frightening ones imaginable. For it was Christ that opened her abilities in order to continue work for mankind and to humbly allow love to remain as her source and benevolent entities like Christ as her guide. Today she remains to be a spiritual person based on the cosmic understanding through her experiences but is not to be considered religious.

Her expertise range from Astral Projection, Astral Travel, Psychic Medium abilities, Spiritual Warfare, Conscious Ascension, Demonology, Angelology, Heaven, Hell, Mystical Arts, and Witchcraft as a neutral Witch.

Throughout her life as a medium, she's been gifted with many positively charged visions and visits from loving spirits and receives much guidance from her spirit guides along with a few Ascended Masters and benevolent Gods like Yehoshua (Jesus Christ), Egyptian God Anubis, Hindu Gods Shiva, Shiva's son Ganesha, the beautiful Goddess Parvati (Shiva's Divine Wife), Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Metatron, and other Angels, fellow Starseeds and other ascended light beings.


In her line of Demonology, Melinda not only has faced extreme measures of terror but from those horrors, she's been able to awaken into her God-Particle that which is what Jesus spoke of in the Lost Gospel of St. Thomas. Because of this self-discovery of her Higher Self, and recently ascending to the 7th Dimension of consciousness, it's here where she is able to help others more effectively. From continual Astral Projection and travels, Lyons is able to gain a deeper perspective and understanding of the hauntings for her clients and is then given instruction from her spirit guides or from her own intuition in order to properly rescue those from their oppressed states.

She currently resides in Alaska with her daughter while working on future books, helping people long-distance and in-person with a small scheduling fee. Though Lyons requires a small scheduling fee, she still believes in helping people without additional charges. The scheduling fee is to help ensure the client is going to be present at the agreed session and is serious about the services Melinda Lyons offers.