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Melinda's Mystic Services

I offer a range of Psychic Medium services including tarot and oracle readings and Paranormal Advisory readings.

I'm a Pleiadian Starseed. This means I come from a higher dimensional realm sent here to assist those who need help in ascension, love, healing, self-worth, self-belief, protection from evil, and so on. With my abilities, I Astral Project on command and help those who need protection from evil spirits. I'm gifted with a higher sense of psychic abilities. I communicate with deceased souls and other higher-dimension beings, including pure deities, in the benevolence of light and love. Paranormal Advisory is one of the primary specialties I've been providing to clients for ten years. With this service, I helped people get rid of negative energies, evil spirits, and negative attachments. Over the years, I've adapted within my growth towards ascending to the 7th dimension. From the ascension, I've accelerated my skills toward what most would call a High Priestess. 

It's imperative to include that I firmly believe in the law of Karma and respect the rest of the other universal laws. This includes the Law of Free Will and the Law of Command. With this in mind, for example, I don't do spells to make someone fall in love, as this will take away the targeted person's free will and would only be another form of black magick. I don't do any form of black magick or any magick that takes away another person's free will or could bring back negative karma. I only work with benevolent spirits and deities.

Tarot readings and Psychic readings will be conducted with a similar moral code. I don't do readings about a person's timely or untimely death. I don't do readings on court matters or health issues. If those matters arise, I will give you a fair "heads up" to seek medical or legal advice from a certified professional but never tell you what to do in those situations.

There are no guarantees of said results of listed services. These services listed and offered are not meant to replace professional medical treatment or assistance by a licensed professional. Services offered by Melinda Kay Lyons "Last Frontier Medium" are strictly for spiritual and entertainment purposes only. No services are meant to interfere in court or legal matters. If health arrives during a reading or spell, Melinda will make it known to seek medical attention from licensed medical professionals. These services are not to intended to interfere with one's own free will decisions and judgment.

Client Reviews with Melinda

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