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Do you feel like you've been under the wrath of psychic affliction? Are you concerned about mystical enemies and feel you need protection?

Are you experiencing nightmares, paranormal activity, bad luck, or feel as if you have been cursed or hexed? Do you sense an uncomfortable and harmful vibration or presence in your home or around you?

Psychic attacks range from negative attachments, curses, hexes, spells, negative residual energy, astral attacks, demonic attacks, and even generational curses can be harmful and dramatically impact the victim's life unfairly.

Having adequate psychic protection is necessary even if you don't feel you're under unwanted metaphysical or mystical threats. Without the proper defense and awareness, it's all too easy to become a target of negative energy and supernatural forces.

Inside Wicked Threats are the signs and secrets of a psychic attack, who and how it's manifested, with an extensive inside understanding of toxic locations, evil people, baneful encounters, negative symbols, and threats.  

Inside, you will learn:

  • Understand what a Psychic Attack is and learn the signs.
  • The difference between a Curse and a Hex.
  • The Aura and the adverse effects of negative energy.
  • How to spot a Psychic Vampire and other potential psychic foes.
  • How to spot evil symbols, deceptive idols, and Black Magick.
  • How to shield against and banish, reverse, and even counteract Curses, Hexes, negative attachments, and evil spirits.
  • Reclaim your psychic and personal freedom from evil.

Wicked Threats Autographed Paperback

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  • All Mystic Products are for entertainment and spiritual purposes only. Product appearance may be different from the display picture. There are NO guarantees nor said 'promises' the product will bring one's expectations to manifestation. The candles and other Ascended Candles products are not meant to replace professional medical advice/ treatment or other means of wellness. 

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