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Ascended Masters are commonly known as Gods and Goddesses that have ascended past the earth realm. Often they are known to have once been humans on earth and excelled in their lessons and karma in love. Each Ascended Master guides others in the higher realms, to assist the dead and help those in need of guidance, healing, protection, love and more.

Most Ascended Masters reside in pure light and positive energy but there are some that are also neutral that are neither good nor evil.


 THESE HIGHLY ASCENDED BEINGS are exceptionally evolved in their lessons and karmic experiences. These souls are genuine by nature and lovingly involved in all in this incomprehensible universe. Due to mastering life's experiences and emotional encounters, they are exceptionally skilled with psychic powers that enable humans on earth to learn from their benevolent guidance, healing, and love. They are the teachers of other souls and some of human history's most positive influencers. Some to name few are Jesus Christ (Yehoshua), Hindu God Shiva, Hindu Goddess Parvati, the Egyptian God Anubis, the Egyptian God Horus, the Egyptian God Osiris, the Egyptian Goddess Isis, and many others. It is known that these souls were incarnated to continue their path toward ascension in order to enlighten others. These souls captivated millions of centuries ago and still inspire others when achieving personal enlightenment.

 Ascended Masters are known to have powerful abilities due to obtaining advanced wisdom and knowledge within the course of human existence and supreme intelligence. 


 Their abilities range from healing, advanced psychic abilities along with their own skills and talents. All souls are able to become an Ascended Master but it is fair to state that it takes a soul centuries to eons depending on the soul's drive and love and lessons learned. All Ascended Masters help guide and love all within the universe regardless of religion or spiritual beliefs. Even if one is fairly skeptical -they are still present 100% for those that are willing to seek truth within the consciousness and in love.

 To know when these Ascended Masters are taking the time to send you loving messages please see the

ANGELS page for the messages are very similar.

  Ascended Masters can connect with anyone. There is no need for specific rituals or recited certain prayers -all they require is a humble heart with trust and love. It is our passion to seek their loving guidance that brings them to our aid. They can hear us in prayer through the powerful gift of Telepathy -which all souls on the Other Side have the ability to do for all are in the same energy which is connected within the impressive universe. No Ascended Master denies even the most 'sinful' or 'egoic' and only come to you with compassion and lacking the judgmental nature.


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