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As everyone has their own walk in life, so do witches in who they choose to work with. The deities I (Melinda) work with are primarily benevolent and neutral spirits. One must work with a deity that you know is safe and trustworthy. Not every witch works with positive spirits, so I've decided to share this information with those interested in the spirits I work with, why, how, and what to expect. Each deity has their own special qualities, abilities, and personality. And as this is my personal opinion based on my astral experiences with these beings, you can take it or leave it. 

If you are strongly drawn to a specific deity, then this is the universe guiding you toward a new lesson, experience, and or chance at ascension. Trust in your divine intuitive guidance and allow yourself to indulge in the bountiful wonders of the universe. If you choose to work, summon or seek their guidance, protection, or help in magick, they don't require an offering nor a sacrifice. In fact, they prefer you don't harm anyone, including animals or yourself when working with them. But if you feel you would like to give the deity an offering in the form of flowers, food, candles, oils, herbs and more, they say it is much appreciated! 

As there are positive spirits, there are also evil ones that will lie, cheat, and betray you the second your guard is down. I have taken the time to share information on the evils of the underworld and otherworldly beings that reap chaos. The more you learn about these deities and others like them, the better you will be aware, protected, and powerful!

Every piece of information provided is from years of astral projection experiences, paranormal experiences,
 magick manifestations, from my psychic abilities: including clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, clairgustance, and telepathy, from extensive research and direct information from the deities mentioned. 


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