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  • General Description:

Michael, also commonly known as Archangel Michael or Saint Michael. He appears in Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and the Bahai faiths. Christianity nearly adopted all of the Jewish traditions and characteristics concerning him. Guardian Archangel Michael has churches named after him, and feasts are honored in his celebration. His name and identity are mentioned in the Book of Enoch, along with other fellow archangels. 

Archangel Michael is connected to protection, spiritual warfare, and the divine intervention of evil for humanity and is considered one of the most powerful beings and oldest Angels in the universe. He is associated with God and a protector of Heaven and those who pray to him for protection. He is associated with the autumn and winter seasons and is most often depicted wearing blue and gold, and sometimes red. 

Contrary to the common belief, Michael doesn't assign nor align with Christianity as he's been in existence long before religion was created. Christianity, Judaism, and other faiths merely identified his existence -not his allegiance. As he firmly believes love is the truest power there is, he remains steadfast in being true to who you are and remaining consistent in your journey with loyalty to one's heart. Everyone is "God's children" in Micheal's eyes, and no one is better than the other.

  • My Supernatural Understanding & Experience:

There are many general descriptions and traditional views of Michael, but I will share what I've learned from him and what you can expect if you choose to work with him.

How He Appears:
Michael will appear to you in a way that will be easier for you to understand and accept without intimidation. He's not a flashy deity; he's extremely humble and likes to remain in a neutral stance in many situations, especially when it comes to his appearance to others. Even now, it's weird writing about him -one, because he's watching *-*, but two - he's got this beautiful yet subtle way of gifting you with his presence without even trying. Most often, when he appears (especially if it's your first encounter), Michael will appear as the angel you may expect him to appear as, but will do so as humble as possible. His approach is to ensure you're comfortable in his presence when he approaches you. 

What you may see him wear is the color blue, much like a deep royal blue, with gold bracelets on his arms and other garments along his waist. If you're fortunate enough, you will see him in his highest divine glory, dressed in armor shining in his purity and light that glimmers along his very skin. His skin is light yet as if kissed by the sun's gentle rays enough to a golden-like reflection. When he appears, he may or may not appear with wings. Oftentimes, when you've learned enough about him and about other deities and have had enough experiences astrally, he will appear like a normal man in a shirt and jeans as he's so comfortable and secure in who he is that he doesn't seek the constant attention with flashing his godly presence. If anything, he will most likely appear with a gentle smile beaming from his eyes whilst his natural blonde hair flows with his every motion. 

When calling on Michael for protection, for example, you will begin to feel a strong sense of security and inner confidence, knowing that everything will be okay. His presence alone, whether seen or unseen, will grant you the powerful sensation of warmth and comfort of his loving protection and awareness of your surroundings. 

How He Interacts:
Michael's interaction with you may be different compared to someone else's experiences. I've found from my own experience that Michael allows you to approach him on your own terms and doesn't push your boundaries. He's very respectable and takes your safety and security physically and emotionally very seriously. If you were to speak or approach him in prayer, dreams, or through an astral encounter, he listens intently and takes time to empathize with your needs in the moment and for long-term benefit. He's lovingly caring and patient and has a strong will to hold himself in high regard with impressive inner peace. When in conversation, he holds himself and those around him with the utmost respect while always attempting to put the spotlight on others around him, as his faith lies in the love of others. If a moment, you'd think he'd yell or lose his cool -he never does during trying and difficult times. Even in times of war, Michael's inner peace surpasses the highest levels of expectation and surprise. 

How He Works:
He works with those who call to him in prayer for protection, defeating enemies in warfare, and grants faith with enormous inner strength in one's heart and higher self. Michaels's best work is in spiritual warfare and defending those in battle. However, Michael's true power is birthed from the divine love he holds for those in need of healing, protection, guidance, and even friendship. If you seek his protection, he will be there as long as you call to him in honest humility, seeking his support in the specifics necessary for the moment. If you only trust Michael in guidance but need help in something other than protection, call him, and he will assist in assigning other deities and angels best suited and trusted to help you. Witches often work with Michael for protection spells, prayers, cleansing, banishing spells, and securing energetic barriers of security. If you find yourself in a demonic nightmare, sleep paralysis, or feel unsafe, call to him, and he will come to your rescue faster than you can say his name.

For both men and women, he will teach what unconditional love is and how to hold your ground in courage and faith. His ability to lend you helpful guidance will be similar to a silent yet stimulating thought in one's mind through what some say is the voice of God. If you're in need of healing or struggle with anxiety, panic attacks, paranoia, and other fears, he will assist in providing his healing energy that will ease them away almost instantly.

His Abilities:
Michael's unique abilities range from divine protection to a specialty in spiritual warfare. He's an expert in demonology -so for those choosing to become a demonologist or exorcist, working with Michael would be HIGHLY recommended, as he will never lead you astray. As he is helping you he is also helping others simultaneously as he is not limited to time and has the ability to time travel. He is capable of traveling through dimensions, which makes it very useful when he is saving precious souls from Hell and other forces of evil. 

What I Experienced With Him:
Truth be told, I've avoided making Michael's page because I've experienced so many good and painful memories. It's difficult to write about him honestly and not shed tears at the same time, for his very existence remains in true goodness and gentle love yet held with a benevolent wrath. It's because of Michael that I firmly believe, without question, that I'm alive today.

It's all because of him that I was inspired to become the Goddess that I turned out to be. I've learned the most powerful lessons from his teachings of what it means to be a true hero and how to remain humble while carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. Granted, I'll never measure nor compare myself to his greatness, but every time I meditate and think about how I can overcome evil for the good of others, I remember him and what he did for me. .... I can still remember seeing him when I was in Hell and how his light made all of the horrible thoughts and malevolent energy fade. I cannot say it without sounding cheesy, but the fact is he truly saved me from Hell, and I don't mean figuratively, but actual Hell, where I was enslaved astrally for over 1800 years. There's not a day or a moment that goes by where I'm not reminded and grateful for the amount of selflessness, courage and love he and others gifted to me to escape.

He will do everything in his power to make sure you're safe, loved, and cared for, and believe when I say and emphasize the word POWER. His elegance and grace in how he approaches you will leave you speechless as he tends to care for others so much that glistening tears slide down his chin shamelessly. He's not afraid of anything except for the safety of those who need love and protection from harm the most. What's the best attribute I've come to learn and discover about him is he may seem hard on the outside, but when you slowly get to know him, he's one of the softest shields you'd come to know. As the saying goes, you cannot be a lover and not also a fighter. Because if you have nothing to love, then what is there to fight for? 

What To Expect:
Typically, I'd say what you'd expect about the listed deity, but honestly, I can't do that with Michael. The truth is, you can't expect anything less than greatness,... because that's what he is. He may be humble, but that's what makes him so unique and beyond the boundaries of kindness of God's love. Here, I'd only say, let him show you how amazing he is; he doesn't need me to tell it because he will show it.  

... On second thought, there is something I'd say about what to expect, but it's good, I promise. Michael has a way of worrying for your safety, and so even if you didn't seek or ask for his advice, he would give it but in the most respectful of ways that he knows how. He may come off as superior to you at first, but remember, he doesn't force himself and will respectfully pull away if you request. 

And lastly, he never judges you on your life experiences or situations; instead, he will attempt to be of sound mind and guidance with wisdom attached to his actions and words. He may not be human, but that doesn't mean he doesn't empathize with your pain and suffering and wishes to free you from your oppressors. Calling to him will lead you to the light of truth and shielded with the love of his embrace. 

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