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  • General Description:

Ganesha, also spelled Ganesh, is one of the most worshipped and best-known deities in the Hindu Pantheon. Ganesha is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. He is considered the god of new beginnings, wisdom, luck, financial wealth and success, and the remover of obstacles. He is a male spirit who appears as a handsome, tall man or as a glowing, floating red or blue elephant.

He is considered to be a neutral deity that works within the lines of light and dark energy. He is neither good nor evil.

Ganesha is often seen in illustrations riding on or alongside a rat/ mouse named Gajamukha. There are several stories behind his rat companion, but the moral behind it, is he overcame the rat and took it under his control not to cause further damage. The mouse is commonly known as a demon that was cursed by Ganesh or was overcome in battle to maintain order and peace. 


  • My Supernatural Understanding & Experience:

There are many general descriptions and traditional views of Lord Ganesha, but I will share what I've learned from him and what you can expect if you choose to work with him.

How He Appears:
When I first encountered Ganesha, it was outside my bedroom door where I was introduced to him by Shiva in a lucid astral projection experience in a sleep state. He was in meditation, floating so peacefully with blues, pinks, reds, and gold colors, dressed in fabrics decorated with the mandala pattern. His appearance is as he is described and more. He will introduce himself through telepathy and speak to you softly. You will feel his powerful presence with ease and without judgment. He has appeared to me as a grand Elephant, but other times he will appear like a man like his father, Shiva. He will sometimes have blonde or black hair with purple and blue skin. He is always covered in precious jewels, beautiful fabrics and often smells of flowers. (He's a sucker for flowers 🌺 ). His appearance tends to change based on his environment and who he interacts with so as to make others comfortable. When you decide to work with Ganesha, it's important to remember he will appear to you at the right time, especially in a way that is comfortable to you. 

How He Interacts:
Other's opinions of him don't faze Ganesha; however, when you're working with him or just learning and observing with him, being around him will be important to him. He takes your feelings of safety and understanding into account and will listen to your needs and feel your emotions emphatically. He speaks through telepathy but will talk to you like a human if you're not yet comfortable or haven't ascended to this level of consciousness. His utmost priority is humanity. He helps people on a daily basis, and I was blessed to witness him answering prayers for people all over the world. He does this without stress and enjoys it very much. His deepest passion is to see people happy and fruitful. He has a generous heart with enormous compassion for those in pain and in suffering, so when you're with him, you will know this instantly because of the feelings he shows within his eyes and demeanor. 

How He Works:
He helps in many ways. Often people will call Ganesha for material gain and items they would like to acquire with his help. When I worked with Ganesha in the past, he helped me acquire money when I really needed it and other things that allowed me to do what I needed. He's very understanding and knows humans cannot survive without money because we need money to purchase daily necessities like food, shelter, medicine, etc. He doesn't just help people with basic necessities; he also helps you to get the job position you want, receive the recognition you deserve and even something fun for you and your family to experience. All you have to do is ask! The best way to work with Lord Ganesha is to be humble and honest about what it is you want or need and why and what you plan to do with the thing you're asking to receive. He works in mysterious ways, and he does this with his powers also harnessed with the help of his rat companion. Some people believe you must provide Ganesha with an offering -which he would enjoy very much but isn't required. He loves flowers, herbs, candles, and, most of all, food. He really loves to receive bananas, other fruits, and sweets. He doesn't have anything specific that he requires as an offering, but he lovingly appreciates the offers and the thank yous. ...I've witnessed him enjoying the offerings people have given him, and it was definitely a reminder of how much of an appetite a grown man can have!  

His Abilities And What I Experienced With Him:
Ganesha can do many things, but it's only to those asking with a genuine heart does he help them. He won't necessarily help you win the lottery, but he will help guide you on your journey to make a legacy and build your personal fortune. One of the reasons Ganesha works well and quickly is that he also harnesses his power through meditation and mastery of the ego. A lot of people assume that because Ganesha cursed the demon Gajamukha into a rat, he is a demon or a devil himself. -On the contrary! After over a year of working with Ganesha, I can assure you that he's far from evil. He transformed the demon into a rat to prevent it from harming others and causing further destruction. When I learned of this, it gave me a deeper understanding of where they are in neutrality and vibrational intentions. Ganesha never uses his power to hurt others or to cause hell to another, and in fact, ensures the mouse he cursed remains in check at all times. I share this as a two-part section purposefully to expand one's judgment past the dogmatic presumptions.

Ganesha's bond with Gajamukha is rather touching. The rat shared with me the meaningful history between him and Ganesha and how he felt saved by being transformed into the mouse form. He hated being who he was and learned what it meant to love and to be loved. Gaja (my nickname for him) was truthful and genuine, with tears down his little mousy face as he shared the horrors he suffered and began treating me like a loyal friend. I've never met a rat as intelligent as him. Yes, he is still a demon in rat form, but he doesn't have the ability to harm another, and whenever he seems to be falling away from his transformation, Ganesha binds him again.

I had personal and intended discussions with Archangel Michael regarding this situation and asked if this is true and if this makes Gaja safe to be around. Michael stated that Ganesha is a remarkable magician with many centuries of experience in magick and did this on his own free will and with the demon's request. He says the rat is safe to be around if he remains under this spell. Michael stated that this is like one in a few trillion or more. There is a small chance of a demon turning good, so I only trust Ganesha's wisdom and Michaels's judgment. 

What To Expect:
There's much to expect when working with dear Ganesha. He has the humor of a teenager and enjoys a beautiful garden that he only takes people when he feels he can trust them. He's very loyal and fiercely friendly with his friends and family. You will feel enormous amounts of love and joy when you're around him, followed by a cheerful playfulness. You will almost feel like you were a kid again because of his embrace of his inner child. What I most enjoyed about his company is how much he truly loves and appreciates his loyal worshippers. He is extremely humble, however, and doesn't like to make anyone feel as if they must grovel at his feet. In fact, he's the type to pick you up when you're down and help you -carry you if he must. If you feel a pull towards Ganesha, you're in for a big treat, and I don't just mean the pastries! I smile whenever I think of him because he is such a loving being like Shiva, Pavati, and many others listed here. They won't just treat you like a follower; they will make you feel like family.

Definitely expect Gaja to be at his side, if not always. They're an inseparable pair with a brotherly love that appears unbreakable. Gaja is a demon in rat form. However, you seriously wouldn't know that when you meet him. For one, he is a very stylish mouse! He loves to dress fancy with a hat and enjoys a game of golf. You will watch him hop on people's shoulders in the other realms and enjoy him whisper jokes in your ear, making it hard to focus. His company can be super inviting and even addicting because he's always got an opinion and doesn't hold back. Don't let his tiny size fool you; he can grow into a large rat and fight alongside Ganesha in battle for your protection if need be.

The Risk Working With Ganesha:
I've been unsure how to put this because of my experiences, but I won't lie to you for the sake of fame or vanity. I'm not making this page to get hype, nor is it fan fiction as critics accuse. Everything written on my website is done so by me (Melinda) personally. I share these real-life experiences in the other higher realms and in dream states with these beings so you can know what to expect -which comes with the warning working with Ganesha. Because he did transform the demon Gaja into a rat, this can cause one to experience nightmares, especially if you've suffered Hell (literal Hell). I don't say this lightly. Gaja is a loving being and doesn't want to hurt anyone, and has proven this to me for over a year. However, his residual demonic energy can inflict nightmares on empathic and psychic people. So if you choose to work with Ganesha, be sure to understand this possible cause and effect.  Is Gaja dangerous? NO. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't be self-aware of your energy and how his presence may make you feel. If you feel highly sensitive to Gaja's energy, let Ganesha know; he won't have Gaja around when you work with him. He understands and doesn't take this personally. Truth be told, Gaja has been a rat for so long and has learned the humanistic nature for centuries and won't be offended if you have a hard time being around him or trusting him. He will politely receive this as a reminder of other's boundaries and won't take it as an insult. He's grown from my understanding and has learned how to treat people with kindness and compassion and as a fierce friend. 

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