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Horus 2.jpeg
  • General Description:

Horus is one of the more worshipped gods of ancient Egypt. Horus serves many functions, most notably the god of Kingship, protection, healing, and guidance. He is most depicted as a man with a falcon head or as a falcon in full form. He is highly benevolent and only resides in positive energy and intentions.

Horus is best known as the son of the Egyptian Goddess Isis and the Egyptian God Osiri
s. Horus is the brother of Anubis and Bastet. His consort (wife) is/ was the Egyptian Goddess Hathor. 

He is most known for his legendary quarrel against his uncle Set, also known as Seth, who is the brother of Osiris.

Most know Horus through the Eye of Horus, the symbol of protection. The Eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection and royal power from deities. 


  • My Supernatural Understanding & Experience:

There are many general descriptions and traditional views of the God Horus, but I will share what I've learned from him and what you can expect if you choose to work with him.

How He Appears:
Horus is one of the very few that I hold of high respect. His appearance will dominate anything and anyone in the room due to his intensified masculinity and overall sense of power and security. He will appear dressed in the finest colorful fabrics and shine from the finest jewels on his arms, feet, and chest. Depending on your growth in your spiritual journey, he may appear to you as a man. He doesn't always appear with a falcon head with a human body; this is only based on the connection he has towards birds and a falcon in particular.

When you first meet Horus, you'll be captivated by his beautiful dark skin that shines brilliantly with the rays of the lights around him. Each piece of decor draped upon his body isn't without a meaning and deep-rooted story. You will almost never see him without his gems and gold, as this is a meaning of ascension, power, and godliness. You'll be impressed by the golden glimmer in his eyes that resembles the sands of Egypt and the sun from Rah's rays. Every time I encounter Horus, I'm left speechless just from the sight of his greatness, but don't let his handsome features hypnotize you; his power is stronger than his alluring gaze. 

When Horus appears to those who seek to call for his help, he will do so in divine timing. He doesn't force himself on anyone and allows the moment you're ready to be the moment he will appear. His powerful presence will overtake your energy in peaceful security and remind you of the greatness of God through his protective abilities. He has a way of approaching you with ease without making you feel intimidated.

How He Interacts:
Horus will speak to you through telepathy at first by giving you images of him through feelings, his name repeated in your head, or see things that remind you of him. Oftentimes, he may appear to you in dreams, astral projection, or by sending you messages through people and situations. When he interacts with you -if you're blessed to be in his presence in higher realms -he will help you remember your own purity and greatness. He sees into those who seek higher knowledge and will respond based on how you're feeling in the moment and what your heart is truly seeking. Horus doesn't become impressed by those looking to manipulate others. Instead, he looks to those who seek to help others and ascends past the ego. Horus may be a God of protection. However, you'll come to find that the more you interact with him, he's especially vulnerable to kindness and love and looks to others with humility rather than judgment. He doesn't take kindly to evil or disrespect and will show you how determined he is when the moment arrives. 

How He Works:
He helps those who seek protection from psychic attacks, demons, devils, evil spirits, and more. What a lot of people don't know is that Horus is exceptionally powerful and very underestimated. He's very skilled in protecting you, even physically, if the need were to arise. Oftentimes, when people are asking God for protection, they're not aware that it's Horus doing much of the protection from physical afflictions, accidents and more. However, as skilled as he is, he's very humble and doesn't do it all alone. His approach to helping others also comes with taking into consideration the powers of Angels and other high ascended beings. This is one of the greater qualities of Horus as he listens to those and finds a way no matter the close calls and trials. 

If you're in need of protection but are not sure if you can truly trust him yet, he will call on your spirit guides and gently guide them to what needs to be done for your best interests. He will look into your situation and call on others that you trust spiritually and psychically to ensure the best-needed measures for your protection.

For men, he will help in divine masculinity and remind those seeking the courage to battle doubts and insecurities and find their inner God. For women, Horus will remind you of your divine feminine beauty and strength in your womanhood and discover the Goddess in you without feeling inferior. In fact, women in ancient Egypt were considered more powerful than men due to their ability to give birth through the powerful energy of creation and life. Horus' energy assists in remembering your truest person and divine worth. 

His Abilities:
There are many skills Horus holds, and one especially is in spiritual warfare and protection. He takes the safety of others seriously and doesn't take malevolence lightly. He is able to be your protector while simultaneously protecting others across the world and in other realms at the same time. He's not limited to time and is able to travel through different time periods when necessary. He has a knack for combat and knows what is in your vicinity before any human would be able to detect it. His abilities range from protection, healing, spiritual warfare, time travel, astral travel, and more. 

What I Experienced With Him:
I've recently encountered Horus again in a beautiful, glistening lake where he informed me I would be making this page for him and thanked me. His smile still gets to me through his eyes because there's something so special about Horus.

Where to begin?.. What you should know is that Horus is a charmer, especially to females (or maybe it's just because I'm a sucker for handsome Gods *-* ). He has a very smooth way with words and knows how to speak to you softly without feeling intimidated or insecure. His appreciation for your time to speak to him or to get to know him is, again, underrated. He takes those who worship him with a lot of pride and love. Horus isn't one to neglect those who take the time to send him love and gratitude for his protection and guidance. 

I've had many encounters with Horus, and some of them are more memorable than any encounter I've had with most deities. The reason is that I've discovered I had an ancient Egyptian past but no memories of that life at this time. Whenever you're drawn to a specific deity, you're pulled to that era and ancient history for a divine reason. Oftentimes, it's because you had a past life associated with that historical past, and the gods are calling to you to remember who you are. When I encountered Horus, it was when I was experiencing much healing from my being in Hell for over 1800 years. This healing from his love helped me remember my own eternal beauty and wonder past the devastations of my past and traumas from my pains. Each time I've encountered Horus, I've learned something about myself beyond the powers of anything I've ever known. It doesn't come without immense gratitude for his heroic efforts and loving support. I'm always going to have a true soft spot for Horus, as most people who encounter him do because he's truly that remarkable. 

One of the more memorable moments with Horus, is when I transformed into my divine Goddess energy in spiritual warfare. When I encountered Horus, it was during a time when I was battling other ancient malevolence, Set and Baphomet. These were two separate battles in higher realms but each encounter lead me to remember my divine powers and capabilities through the powers of self-belief and love. There was a moment I lacked faith in myself, and it was because of Horus I began to remember. He helped me understand that even Gods struggle with self-love, belief and faith but its in the power of love from others that builds them back into pure light. Each God/ Goddess I've encountered has taught me something special and unique, and it was with Horus I learned that being myself in spiritual warfare was my divine calling and wasn't by accident. His presence and divine messages through my experiences guided me toward defeating some of the worst types of devils on my own and banishing them back to Hell. 

During the battle against Baphomet (I've had several with him), there was a moment I felt defeated and couldn't shield myself properly against his immense malignant force. It was then Horus who came to my aid and stood beside me and showed me how to utilize my energy and faith in myself to use love against evil as a shield and weapon. As silly as this sounds, the truth is that this experience was extremely intense. I'll never forget the lucid encounter of watching as Baphomet was violently lashing at me with every ounce he had, but it was Horus that stopped it without any effort. I was amazed by the lack of trying on Horus' part due to his centuries of experience. But it was in this moment I was inspired to learn how to accomplish the same. Spiritual warfare is NOT for the faint-hearted, and it was through these few experiences I've had with Horus I was capable of defeating the worst of foes in other dimensions.

What To Expect:
Expect a lot when you encounter Horus. There's a lot to learn from him and understand about yourself through his wisdom and long years of experience. Horus reads into your energy and will find a way to help you remember yourself being the wonderful person that you are and were born to become. No true power comes from nowhere. True power is birthed from the force of belief, faith and love. When you encounter Horus, respect the knowledge he teaches and remember he's not immune to understanding your weaknesses and will remind you of your strengths. His reputation for protection is commonplace, but his best attributes are his intentions through caring about those he loves. His personality will change the way you see true power and remind you that confidence first comes from believing in yourself.

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