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  • General Description:

Parvati is the Hindu goddess of power, beauty, divine feminine energy, nourishment, harmony, love, devotion, motherhood, and fertility. The fire within her embodies all of these things built from her heart's passion. She is one of the central deities of the goddess-oriented sect called Shaktism and the supreme goddess in Shaivism.

Parvati is the wife of the god Shiva and the reincarnation of Sati, who was Shiva's first wife. Sati immolated herself during a yajna (fire sacrifice). For the Shaivites, Shiva and Parvati are considered the divine masculine and divine feminine counterparts, twin flames, and lovers. She is also the mother of the god Ganesha. 

She is generally portrayed as a gentle goddess with nurturing motherly qualities, but she also has a fiery side. This divine goddess is widely known for her numerous transformations to vanquish evil beings.

Parvati is a
 female spirit with light yet lionhearted qualities. She is a neutral deity willing to heal the wounded, protect the defenseless, and banish the wicked

As there's much to discover about Lady Parvati, she's a powerful woman with intense charisma and passion. Below I share what I've learned from her and what you can expect if you choose to work with her or if you feel energetically pulled to her. 


  • My Supernatural Understanding & Experience:

How She Appears:
When Lady Parvati appears, she will be seen wearing layers of beautiful glimmering jewels on her chest, arms, feet, and head and some dangling from her garments. Her fabrics will be either a deep red to represent love, sensuality, divine femininity, and passion or a rainbow of colors representing all of the aura and divine spirit. What I found most appealing to her appearance was her heartfelt smile in her eyes and face. She will greet you with the warmest energy, gathering all your vulnerabilities with tender loving care and compassion. She will often appear to you when awake, in your dreams, in astral projection, or in real time. When this happens, you will see her talking to you as if she's really there in your room, home or where you can meet her. If you begin to see her in your mind's eye this is because she's communicating to you through energies of high levels and is helping you on your journey in whatever it is you need. Her presence will feel safe as she gives off the ferocious momma bear ambiance and presence. 

How She Interacts:
Your first impression of Lady Parvati will not be one without high standards of class and respect. She doesn't let anyone make her feel less than who she is and makes you aware of it if your were to cross her. However, she possesses a delicate demeanor and represents herself in conversation with humility and confidence. I've admired her ability to remain solid in herself despite the things she's gone through, but she never praises herself without acknowledging those and their efforts around her. She has a kind soul that will leave you breathless at times because of how beautiful she is (just thinking about her makes me emotional.) One of her best attributes is how she is beyond the maturity of most women I've met. Her level of divine feminine energy raises the bar of what beauty means, and she walks this through her loving nature and brave intentions. In my experiences with her, she's been like a mother to me by guiding me on my journey through understanding myself, what it means to be in your divine feminine energy, and how to remain there without apologies.  

How She Works And Her Abilities:
Parvati loves to help those who need emotional and mental support. She will listen to your heart's aches and pains and hug you when needed. Deities are not just spirits that make "wishes come true" -they're beyond this. They know that the best parts of you are invisible and invaluable precious pieces that makeup who you are and what you're becoming. I've encountered her being a wonderful friend, mother, and even lover. 

What To Expect:
There's so much to say when it comes to Parvati. Sometimes I don't know where to begin, for she's a diamond in the rough personality. She will help you feel empowered by all you've endured and overcome and remind you of your most special qualities that money can't buy. 

There was a moment when I was in her presence when she danced with Lord Shiva, who is her divine masculine match. They blended within their vibrations and shinned brighter than I've ever seen a couple become together. As they danced there was enchanting and even romantic hymns that echoed throughout the entire space followed with brightly colorful lights, stars and flames. Where they moved they mirrored each other in every way that brought me to tears. Their love and bond was something and IS still a blessing to witness. They reminded me of true love and how that bond will forever be there, no matter how long or how far apart you are.

At one point, I was graced with the sight of her dancing solo. When she danced, she transformed into the other forms that are most known to be another side of her. She was mesmerizing! Her stamina and the indulgence of her aura were a powerhouse of ecstasy and dominance. Parvati mastered the ways of supreme gentleness and strength. In some sense, it was almost scary how powerful she can become but in a beautiful way. I would never dare cross this woman if you're smart! However, don't get her misunderstood. This side of her is for those who need protection from devils, demons, and other evil spirits. She only uses her powers in war when it is absolutely necessary and is a force to be reckoned with. 

Her energy will help you remember what it means to be truly beautiful and loving to yourself and to others. She will help you harness and embrace not only your divine feminine energy but also help males in their journey to help love women better and understand how to treat them with a higher level of understanding and emotional respect. Parvati always ensures you are okay within yourself and will ask you over and over till you confess with a gleaming smile in her eyes. Women's energy, like Parvati's, is something I dream to be someday, as she's the embodiment of what it means to be gentle yet strong simultaneously, and anyone, even men, would learn great things from her. If you choose to work with her or seek her loving guidance or comfort, be sure to receive the highest levels of love and compassion. She will also help you learn to embrace your divine energy in battle in other realms and on earth with courage when you feel you need to stand your ground in truth through protection with the power of love.

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