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Love has become one of my favorite spells especially when healing yourself and bettering the connection with your partner. Even if you don't have a partner now, this candle can boost your passion in life, love, and the hope of finding love. 


This candle was an inspiration to help those losing hope or passion in their current relationship and wanting to heat the sheets with the person they're currently with. Powerful Passion is designed to bring back that young and free feeling you once had and to bring it back stronger than before. Perfect for those looking to spice up a honeymoon, anniversary, Valentine's Day, or any special occasion that you wish to attract your partner with an extra zest of passion. Made with Black Violet and Saffron, Dragon's Blood, roses, and other herbs to ignite your spark.


The best part about this spell is it's not meant to take away the partner's free will. Instead, it's created to boost the attraction that is already there to an all-time high and give you a memorable, loving, passionate experience you'll forever treasure. 


It's time to remember that passion you once had and still live for. ❤️


What Powerful Passion Does:

  • Attracts your ideal loving partner that best matches your vision.
  • Intensifies the sexual attraction between you and your partner. 
  • Breaks down barriers of insecurities and doubts of deserving love and builds self-worth.
  • Helps to build confidence in yourself as a loving partner.
  • It greatly boosts sexual performance during love-making while magnifying the desire for romance in the relationship with fun.
  • It enhances your bond with your current partner and can intensify the attraction for the one you have your eye on.
  • EXTREMELY POWERFUL  ❤️🔥 This spell primarily works when the attraction is already there and greatly intensifies it.



How to use the Powerful Passion Candle:

It's best to use during a New Moon or whenever you feel ready to receive and give love to the person in your current relationship or with the person in mind. Perform this spell in the evening and dress in red or any color you feel the sexiest in and know it drives your partner crazy.


Light the candle in a dimly lit room with uninterrupted peace or with calming music in the background that reminds you of the person in mind. Begin thinking of the things you find the most attractive about this person and why with positive, loving thoughts that are pure intentions. 


Then, when you have your partner in mind and feel physically attracted to them in that moment, take out a piece of paper (preferably pink or red) and write on the paper exactly what you wish to experience with the person. If you don't have red or pink paper,  you can still write your petition with white paper using red ink. It doesn't need to be super detailed; as long as you know what the words mean, it will work. After you've written on your petition paper, on the other side of that paper, write your name and the person's name next to yours. You can enjoy this by drawing out hearts and other symbols to personalize your spell. 


When completing the love petition, read the words you've written aloud softly to yourself as if you're speaking to your partner. This only needs to be done once, but you can do this as many times as you feel you need to. Then, fold the petition as if your name and the person's name fold onto each other like you want to happen. Visualize the words spoken as if it's already happening, and believe this is what your partner wants to have with you.


Safely place your folded Powerful Passion petition under the candle (preferably under a safe burning dish) and meditate on the love, romance, and passion you wish to experience with this person. Let the candle burn for no longer than 3 hours to boost the love to the power of three and safely snuff out the candle saying the words "Blessed be our passion". 


Candle jar: Glass

Candle wax amount: 8 oz


Made with 100% soy wax with essential oils and herbs. 8 oz cotton wick with 35-40 hours burn time.

Powerful Passion

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